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28 Best Fitness Influencers To Promote Your Brand

By Gaurav Bansal on March 10, 2022 0 Comments

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Getting a fitness influencer on board to promote your brand is gaining popularity nowadays. These influencers can improve your brand’s awareness and reach your target audience. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, or even Linkedin, having an influencer to promote your brand could be beneficial. In order to make things simple for you, we have listed down the 28 best fitness influencers so that you can pick the right one among them.

1. Meghan Hemdal

Meghan is a fitness model and content creator who loves promoting mental health awareness. She is a student of Neuroscience and regularly posts content related to fitness and motivation. In addition to that, she has her store on Amazon related to gym essentials and outfits.

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2. Janelle Jolicoeur

Janelle Jolicoeur is a fitness trainer who provides different workout programs to her followers. She is also a certified personal trainer and helps customize fitness programs based on your schedule and goals. Right now, she has more than 24K followers on Instagram, where she uploads content related to workouts, exercises, and nutrition. 

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3. Lindsey Grasis

After pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, Lindsey Grasis developed her genuine passion for sports and fitness. She left her engineering background and began a career as an athlete, coach, and affiliate owner. On Instagram, she has 56K followers, and she considers each of them a family. She has also endorsed a variety of products there.

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4. Angad Dev Dogra

Angad Dev Dogra is a level 4 fitness trainer who is an ambassador for the Fit India movement. His followers consist of several fitness enthusiasts, and he keeps them engaged with different challenges and fun exercises. Further, he also has experience working in movies as an actor, editor, and Assistant Director. He has worked in Hindi Medium and Jab Harry Met Sejal.

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5. Danijel Svec

Danijel Svec is a fitness coach and influencer with over 83K Instagram followers. He is also the founder of Street Brothers, an association for Street workouts. Besides, they have a youtube channel with over 74K subscribers where they post videos related to entire body routine and muscle workouts. He also offers different workout programs based on three levels – Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

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6. Julia Pling

Julia Pling is a Sweden-based fitness influencer. Her Instagram account has more than 29K followers. She loves gaming and is also an Aviation geek. She loves animals and is a proud owner of Mr. happy pop’s Instagram page with over 51K followers. 

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7. Sahvanna Jaquish

Sahvanna Jaquish is an American professional softball player who loves promoting fitness. She has a master’s degree in mass communication from Louisiana State University. She has 25K + followers on Instagram and shares photos related to sports there. Being an athlete herself, she has expertise in fitness-related things and brands. 

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8. Derrick Johnson

The next name on our list is a fitness influencer and an Olympic participant. Derrick Johnson is a weightlifting champion, and right now, he is a level 5 senior international coach. He was the primary African-American to be named a head coach for USA Weightlifting on an international tour. Besides he has trained several MMA fighters who have won fights in UFC. In addition, he is also a founder of Kings of Weightlifting, a free after-school Olympic weight program for underserved kids.  

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9. Alexandra Vaidahazan

Alexandra Vaidahazan is a gold medalist from Budapest’s World Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships. She is also a national champion in the Bikini Fitness category. She is active on social media and loves to engage her users by posting photos of gym education and weight loss motivation. 

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10. David Kanyinda

David Kanyinda is a fitness coach based in the Arizona United States. He has a Master’s degree in Kinesiology and Nutrition. Further, he is an online coach and organizes regular boot camps related to fitness and workouts. His Instagram feeds contain several posts related to the successful results of his members, which is proof that he has an active base of fitness enthusiasts.

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11. David A. Gonzalez

Starting his career with martial arts, David A. Gonzalez has come a long way. He has achieved the 1st Dan Black Belt rank in American Martial Arts. David loves martial arts, but he also loves teaching it to others moreover, he is a certified trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and helps people understand the basics of nutritional wellness and fitness goals. He acquired more than 24K followers on Instagram right now. 

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12. Michelle Leila

Next on our list is Michelle Leila, a keen yoga enthusiast. She holds a bachelor’s degree in sports and science and knows the fundamentals of fitness and nutrition well. She is also a content creator and loves to travel around the world. Michelle Leila’s love for yoga is evident in her Instagram posts which she regularly shares with her followers. 

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13. Luca Ricci Garotti

Luca Ricci Garotti is a personal trainer with more than four years of experience in this field. He owns a gym called Neptune Bologna, situated in Bologna, Italy. He also owns Nettuno Wellness which is a Diet and Nutrition based company. His Instagram feed is full of personal training, Workouts, and transformations videos. 

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14. Austin and Justin

Yes, you guessed it right. Austin and Justin are identical twins from Atlanta, Georgia. They were into athletics from a young age and made it their passion. Their workout pictures have taken social media by storm, and they have a degree in medicine from Cornell University. On Instagram, they have many dedicated followers and posts content related to fitness and diet there.

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15. Lora Saint

Director, producer and fitness expert Lora Saint goes by the handle “saintlora” on Instagram. She was the founder of the online fitness company “Booty & Abs” in 2017. As a freelancer, she has worked with more than 50 brands and holds expertise in this area. Lora Saint’s primary goal is to help her clients to create effective marketing content by using photos and videos as a medium.

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16. Trevor Cross

Trevor Cross is a Portland-based social media specialist and fashion influencer who loves to promote different brands. He is the owner of “winningkickz,” an online sneakers store. On his Instagram account, you will find photos and videos about abs routine and fitness exercises. He also opened a youtube channel recently and posted vlogs related to workouts there.

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17. Aran Billen

Aran Billen entered the fitness world at 15 when he was underweight and needed motivation. With his hard work and resilience, he has become a lifestyle and fitness coach and helps others deal with the same issues. He believes that everyone should have a healthy mind and a healthy body. He also owns a fitness site and provides online training programs and supplements there.

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18. Manu

Manu is an Indian fitness model and trainer who shares stunning posts about fitness and lifestyle. His Instagram id is “fitness hub.eg” and has 13K + followers right now. He also owns a gym where he trains people and motivates them.

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19. Natalia Kapustova

Natalia Kapustova from Slovakia is the winner of several medals in fitness championships. She likewise won a bronze medal from the European Fitness Championships and made it to the podiums in the bikini fitness category. Natalia is an online coach and helps her members achieve their fitness goals. She also posts daily content related to motivation to persuade you to start fitness activities.

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20. Antonio Dojčman

23-year-old Antonio Dojčman initially wanted to be a footballer but kept his sporting dream aside to have a career in fitness and diet. He is the national champion in bodybuilding held in Sisak and won Salzburg’s international competition. On Instagram, he posts transformations of his clients and his workout pics. His major goal is to set an example for others and help them build their fitness routine.

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21. Brandon Lirio

Brandon Lirio is a former US AirForce veteran pursuing his dreams of becoming a professional Bodybuilder. He currently runs an online personal training business named “Battleground Fitness.” He also writes in the Iron Man Magazine, one of the most popular magazines for athletes. Further, he is a 5x bodybuilding champion and holds titles in Italy, Finland, and the US. 

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22. Marcin Czech

Marcin Czech is a 26-year-old practitioner and fitness enthusiast who holds experience of more than eight years. He is a personal trainer and believes in providing his clients with a rich set of exercises that no boredom during the training. He specializes in weightlifting and abs-related exercises, and you can find posts related to it on his Insta feeds.

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23. Deni Kirkova

Deni Kirkova is a blogger and journalist who writes about fashion, health, fitness, and travel. She has an experience of more than ten years in the field of marketing, journalism, and content creation. In 2016, she won Miss Galaxy Universe and founded a Melbourne-based company Glowing Up. She is always active on Instagram and also Twitter, where you will find posts and pictures about her life, works, and passions.

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24. Andre Armstead

Andre Armstead is a fitness coach, model, and athlete from the United States. He got more than 28K followers on Instagram and is active on TikTok. Being a fitness enthusiast and coach, he has collaborated with several brands and other fitness experts. 

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25. Jack Gibbs

Jack Gibbs is a former Rugby player who left the sports due to repeated concussions. He became a fitness trainer and currently holds experience of more than five years in this domain. He is also a founder of ClubHouse Gyms, a personal training studio in Newcastle upon Tyne.

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26. Emily Healy

Emily Healy is a proud mom and fitness and everyday life expert based in the Minneapolis United States. She specializes in group fitness training and is a certified trainer too. She has collaborated with many brands, and her experience will help your fitness brand grow.

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27. Daniella Bernabeu

Daniella Bernabeu is a WBFF pro athlete and loves to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She wishes to raise awareness about the value and benefits of proper nutrition and exercise. She has an active followers count of 22K on Instagram, and she also owns a brand called Vital Stamina.

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28. Nitesh Sharma

The final person on our list is Nitesh Sharma from India. He is an avid fitness and workout enthusiast who loves exploring different cultures and films. Nitesh also loves traveling, and on his Instagram, you can find several posts about it. Furthermore, he has an account on Twitter and YouTube too.

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This article gives you the 28 best influencers with an active fan base on different social media platforms to promote and support your brand. They all come from diverse backgrounds and have expertise in the fitness domain to help your brand reach the target audience. 

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