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Best Graphic Designers for Business Cards

By Gaurav Bansal on March 17, 2022 0 Comments

best graphic designers for business cards

If you’re a large company or a little shop, if you’re in the artistic or commercial world, perhaps you’re just beginning off and have been in operation for decades, there’s a certain graphic element that is extremely important for you: a business card. Take a peek at our best options for best graphic designers for business cards

In the corporate environment, business cards are a must-have. Consider it a sign of your company that you share with prospective shoppers, coworkers, and consumers – if you want this representation to create the best first impact, you’ll want to engage an expert.

1. Erik Messaki

Erik Messaki is the Co-founder and CEO at Outcrowd, which is a digital agency that designs and develops great products. Outcrowd is great at web design, branding, and development. Erik is undoubtedly among the great experts in creating revenue-driving branding, website, and mobile apps design. You can definitely go to him anytime you want for your business card needs.

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2. Oleg Kulik

Oleg is adept at designing apps, logos, websites, and others. He has successfully completed over 320 projects with complete satisfaction and has also been the recipient of over 20 international awards. He has also procured over 5 years of experience in web design and is the go-to person when it comes to your web designing needs.

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3. Natalie Kent

Natalie is a charismatic leader and assists creative firms make strong marketing advances in their market by building identities from the bottom up.

She is a thinker, creative director, and also an activist. Her approach reveals a group’s true mission in an attempt to communicate their most captivating and unique narrative through branding. Indeed, as a design director, she collaborates with companies and artistic groups to create answers that are inclusive, egalitarian, and long-lasting. Furthermore, Natalie provides creative direction for customers’ business performance and branding promotion. She has a strong desire to study and innovate and is always inquisitive. Moreover, she believes in cultivating great customer connections, which are critical to developing a great brand built on confidence and clear understanding.

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4. Bill Kenney

The CEO at Focus Lab, Bill Kenney, is helping the world’s fastest-growing B2B brands lead and inspire. They collaborate with firms that matter a lot to their employees but could use their aid to make a difference in the globe. Their all-senior group of branding strategists, marketers, and journalists has been assisting businesses to create purpose-centered positions and brands for more than 10 years. They specialize in the B2B Tech vertical, but we’re eager to collaborate with talented individuals from a range of industries.

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5. Yoga Perdana

Yoga Perdana is an Indonesian artist and logo designer who has created a stunning collection of works. Moreover, we can see his work on Dribbble and the number of photographs on his account is astounding. It’s also interesting to examine the various techniques, which range from basic strokes to more sophisticated creations with several elements. 

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6. Anthony Casalena

Anthony Casalena is the CEO and founder at Squarespace Inc, which is a major all-in-one site construction and merchandising software. Furthermore, It allows thousands of people to create a business and interact with their consumers worldwide in a powerful and attractive way. 

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7. Ali Husni

User Interface Designer with a proven track record of success in the design profession. Wireframing, Adobe Photoshop, Design, User Experience (UX), and User Interface Design are all skills he possesses. Moreover, with excellent artistic skills and a design specialist, Ali Husni has a Bachelor of Technology – BTech from Universitas Semarang in Information Technology.

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8. Benjamin Oberemok

Benjamin Oberemok is a Web, UI/UX, and Brand Identity designer with a wide range of skills. He is also a designer and art director with a slight interest in traveling as well. He has previously developed strategic marketing graphic design and visual identity and conductor research and business consulting.

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9. Jose Bento

Jose Bento is a product designer and a professional, self-motivated and reliable team player. Besides, he has got advanced creative and technical design skills as well. Also, he has worked on various projects and is great for your design needs.

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10. Marko Ilic

For over a decade, Marko has been creating smart user interfaces (websites and applications). He has worked on a number of design difficulties for customers in a variety of sectors throughout the years (including technology, telecommunications, entertainment, marketing, design, music, and many more). In addition, Nextiva, Unfold, Pango Group, A1 Telekom Austria, Amondo, Toptal, HopperHQ, and others are among his clientele.

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11. Esther Chung

Esther Chung is a thoughtful UI/UX & Product Designer, leveraging her 8+ years of experience in the creative industry to create delightful and meaningful experiences through research, creative problem-solving, and visual story-telling. She has also partnered with Principals, Architects, and clients to research and source products across all projects.

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12. David Svezhintsev

David is a Project Director from Owasso, Oklahoma. He is extremely skilled at adobe illustrator, front-end design, etc. After almost a year as a contractor, David joined the Unfold Co. team as a full-time Product Designer, creating wireframes, reviewing client research studies, and creating images for onboarding UI, as well as animating and prototyping.

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13. Kevin Bhagat

Kevin Bhagat is the senior product designer at Unfold. He’s a User Interface and Experience Designer who specializes in establishing user flows, usability testing, fast prototyping, and design systems. Whereas, he enjoys utilizing design to investigate human behavior and solve issues.

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14. Jordan Jenkins

Jordan Jenkins is a Freelance Illustrator and Brand designer at Jkane. co. He is a talented graphic designer and a guy who is always a team player. He has worked as a visual designer at various different companies before.

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15. Gabriel Hernandez

Gabriel Hernandez is a freelance and agency-experienced multifunctional designer with over eight years of experience. Through meaningful design, he helps companies to solve complicated creative issues. Also, Logo design, branding, identity, visual design, and typography are his areas of expertise.

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16. Santi Jaramillo

Santi Jaramillo works as an Art Director, Designer, and Illustrator in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Hence, Brand identification, package design, and collateral are his areas of expertise.

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17. Lana Marandina

Lana Marandina is an excellent graphic designer who is fast and easy to work with. She is a gifted artist who is a delight to collaborate with. Moreover, In record time, she can create original artwork for any project. 

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18. Gert van Duinen

Gert van Duinen is a certified Adobe Illustrator expert with superb skills as a brand identity/logo designer & iconographer. Furthermore, his major clients include Saatchi, Disney, Facebook, Ogilvy, ESPN, Puma, Bloomberg, Fox, 3M & More.

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19. Wildan Wari

Wildan Wari is a creative director at 10am.std. He is an amazing Freelance UI Designer and works as a professional in the field. He is adept at Figma, UI/UX, Mobile design, web design, and more. 

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20. Abdullah Mubin

Abdullah Mubin is a skilled logo and brand designer that works freelance. He’s constantly looking for amazing and attractive designs and would definitely be delighted to work on your logo design. Hence, if you want a logo design, please do not hesitate to contact him online or by email.

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21. Abdullah Sajol

Abdullah Sajol is a UI/UX designer with more than 4 years of experience. He learned numerous talents, ranging from user research to wireframing to final graphic design, as a result of his extensive experience garnered from working on a variety of intriguing projects.

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22. Panggih Giri Samudra

Panggih Giri Samudra is a UI/UX designer who is great at transforming the needs of projects by clients into user flow, information architecture, and besides translating wireframe into high fidelity design. Whereas, he is currently the Senior Product Designer at Tokopedia.

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23. Tornike Uchava

Tornike Uchava claims that he can bring additional value to your brand. He is a professional abstract, monogram, and also symbol-style logo designer. You can always approach him when it comes to getting cool logo designs done. 

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24. Guido Rosso

Guido Rosso is the Founder and CEO at Rive, which creates and ships interactive animations to any platform. He has previously worked, designed, and developed graphical user interfaces for web, mobile, desktop, and tv-connected applications and games for some of the world’s leading companies, including Adobe, Microsoft, Amazon, Associated Press, Fox Studios, Paramount Pictures, Red Bull, etc. 

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25. Kaarin Vask

Kaarin Vask is the Designer, Director, and Chief Executive at DigiArt Solutions OÜ. He is a well-known logo & brand identity designer who is constantly looking for new projects to work on. 

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26. Allan Peters

Allan Peters is a Minneapolis-based Creative Director and Designer. Every major design journal has praised his work also, Graphic Design USA named him a person to observe in 2013. As per Adobe’s Behance, he is the most admired designer in Minnesota, and as per, he is perhaps the most famous creator in Minnesota.

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27. Peter Deltondo

Peter has been creating and building websites since he was 12 years old, and he’s been operating in the business professionally for the previous 5 years. Furthermore, he works as the Creative Director at Mossio, where he gets to work on a wide range of graphical design assignments, spanning branding, lettering, typography, print, posters, clothes, and, most importantly, online and user experience.

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28. Nikoloz Narsia

Nikoloz Narsia is currently working as a Freelance Graphic Designer at Freelanc. He has a hefty 4k followers on his Instagram page, where he posts attractive minimalist logo designs. Anyone searching for a simple but creative logo, is the man to contact.

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29. Syed Haqil

Syed is a Visual Designer at Zoho Corporation, working around his ability to combine creative, artistic talents, and customer satisfaction goals to produce and deliver websites to ensure the marketable target for clients is reached. His goal is to create an excellent-looking site that fits into the modern trend in website designing. Also, he possesses experience of 6 years as a UI & UX designer. 

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30. Afshin Mohammadi

Afshin is a Freelance Product designer who has worked with multiple organizations. He has a following of 21.2k on his personal Instagram account along with a substantial number of followers on his two design accounts, namely iconly and piqodesign. 

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31. Ilias Sounas

Ilias is a Freelancer Illustrator/2D Animator working for commissions. He is a specialist in Digital illustrations, 2D game graphics, 2D animations, glamour compositions, fashion style, character design, edge graphics, editorial illustrations, design, motion graphics, iphone game graphics, mobile game graphics, and 2D art. Besides Ilias also has positive feedback from his employers on LinkedIn who are satisfied with his work. In addition, he loves creating whimsical illustrations with monsters & cute characters.

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32. Nick Vector

Nick is an Illustrator, Ui/Ux designer. He has worked with Kaspersky, Pandadoc and Tinkoff, LIBRESSE, Archlet, Mark Formelle, Belarusbank. He has a following of more than 6k on his Instagram accounts which is full of creative illustrations. 

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33. Ilya Gorbarov

Ilya is the CEO of AtWinta Digital Agency. He helps companies’ CEOs and founders make their business ideas come true ASAP with brilliant digital solutions. Since 2011, he has delivered more than 300 digital solutions for Companies, Enterprises, Startups, and governments. Besides, he provides leads through online advertising. They build communications with your customers through social networks; they set up end-to-end analytics. Moreover, he comes in Top 49 in development and top 18 in design in Russia. 

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34. VikesTan

Vikes is an Illustrator, Mobile Designer, UI / Visual Designer. He is fairly new in this industry but with a lot of potentials. His illustrations clearly bear testimony to the skills he possesses. Hence, anyone searching for budding artists can contact him. 

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35. Madhu Mia

Madhu is a User Experience and Web Designer. Also, he has expertise in WordPress. His “smart desk” project uploaded on Behance caught people’s eyes due to its creativity and problem-solving.

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36. Arman Rokni

Arman is a co-founder of Piqo Design. The simplicity in his designs is what makes his designs stand out. Additionally, he has around 4.5k followers on his Instagram profile. Additionally, he has a huge number of likes on his shots on the Dribble platform.

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37. Ceptari Tyas

Ceptari is a Creative UI Designer with 2 years of experience facilitating and supporting human interactions with complex systems and software. Maintains user-centric designs while adhering to prescribed interface principles and related development goals. Dedicated to creating inviting and intimidating interfaces for everything from simple open-source applications to complex proprietary systems. In addition, she has almost 4k followers on her Instagram account, which features her designs.

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