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The Importance of a Strong Professional Presence on Google

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The other day, I got an unexpected gift; I received a classic piano as a gift. But, the gift came with a very strict note of instruction, ‘Get a piano tuner to adjust the strings before use!’ As someone who recently moved to a new city, I had no idea who I should call about the quick tuneup.

So, I did what most of us do in such situations; I typed ‘Piano Tuner near me’ on the Google search bar. Within a few minutes, I had at least five piano technicians’ options and all their contact information. As I selected a technician from the long list of potentials, a thought that drove my choice was how professional the individual looked from what I could gather on their chosen platform. A piano technician got a new customer and a decent-paying gig with just one Google search!

These days, customers don’t visit brick-and-mortar locations to look for expert help; they just Google, order, and wait for it to appear on their doorsteps. For small business owners and large corporations, a strong presence on Google is key to landing clientele in a crowded marketplace.

Why a Strong Professional Presence on Google Matters

In the internet age, online presence is a key factor that separates winners and losers. Clients prefer businesses that are easy to access and tend to shy away from those they can’t find with a few clicks. There are many reasons why a strong online presence is beneficial to professionals from any industry.

Here are five major reasons you should invest in building an online presence for yourself or your company. 

1. A Strong Presence Widens Your Reach

If you look at the successful businesses today, they share one factor; they have outlets all over the country and abroad. From McDonald’s to Netflix, great firms reach many customers, which in turn help them push through to new levels in profits. While statewide or nationwide might be expensive for a business, you can achieve almost similar influence when you have a strong presence on Google.

For a business, a strong online presence makes it possible for customers to reach you any time of day. A customer who cannot reach your shop or location can place an order and receive their goods or services at their convenience. Even in cases where customers are only making inquiries, being online makes it possible for you to inform them about available products and the prices. Having a wide reach means you can make sales even when you are not open.

2. A Strong Presence Makes You Competitive

One reason why most businesses build an online presence is that their competition is doing the same. In competitive markets, businesses are investing heavily in ensuring that they appear on the first page of a Google search. With customers increasingly seeking products online, they are more likely to choose convenient brands they can see after a quick search.

To achieve professionalism, businesses use different SEO and keyword optimization techniques to ensure they are accessible. Having an online presence boosts the potential for outbound marketing since it attracts both new and existing customers. For instance, someone looking for a hammer will Google a brand they know and use the results to see whether a local shop is selling it. They are more likely to order or purchase from a company they can see on Google.

So, a digital presence is key when you need to improve how you interact with your customers. A company that beats its rivals has professional content and products that customers need. 

3. A Professional Presence is Free Marketing

Sometimes, people interested in your skills or products want to check you out before spending a ton of cash. The seller verification process was made possible by your Google presence since customers can check out all the proof they need. Your online presence can be a platform for free marketing from checking out the specifications for products, reviews, and even feedback from previous customers.

One example of free marketing can be seen in the cosmetics industry. As an industry with many players, from beauticians to DIY enthusiasts, it’s easy to get confused when choosing between pros and posers. Clients learn to use social media and website platforms to verify the best products before spending money.

With online platforms, marketing yourself can cost little to nothing since you can post a link to your website on social media for your followers to use. You don’t even have to send emails or call customers; just post it online and let the beauty of the ‘share button’ do all the work.

4. A Strong Presence Improves Customer Relationships

In the past, businesses had only a few customers who would walk into the store to voice their concerns to a listening ear. But in a market where customers are from diverse locations maintaining optimal customer relations is not an easy task. A business should show that it can competently handle queries and satisfy those it serves to win over customers.

Some avenues for online presence include social media platforms and website chat rooms where customers seek resolutions for various issues. These channels make it possible for a business to interact with customers and address their concerns. For example, an angry customer might be dissatisfied with a faulty product, and when they air their concerns, the business learns of this problem. Addressing the problems on the site and others guarantees that clients can see your business as responsible and trustworthy.

With time, these strides in building good customer relationships online are translated into gains in reputation. Both new and old clients can feel that they trust your business.

5. A Professional Presence Makes Hiring Easy

In some cases, professionals might explore new opportunities in the free market. When potential employees decide to look for a job or apply for an attractive position, having a strong professional presence is the best tool you have to recruit them.

When jobs send out opportunities, they hope the most competent people will apply. But if you have applied for a job before, you probably did your own research on the company and position you were applying for. You don’t want potential skilled job candidates turned off from your outdated website or disorganized social media page.

When you are among the top online hits for your product or industry, you will gain the type of employees you are looking for.

Mistakes to Avoid When Building an Online Presence

Building an online presence is not easy for an individual or business, but it’s key to surviving in a competitive market. However, it’s possible to become too obsessed with doing everything to maximize your digital presence that you make serious mistakes. Some of the mistakes that you should avoid when building an online presence include:

Running a Slow or Outdated Website

Having a website is cool, but when the site is too slow that customers are discouraged from using it, you are doing it wrong. When customers visit your website and have a poor experience, they are not likely to come back. 

Another problem is when your website is not mobile phone friendly or doesn’t provide a great customer experience. Ignoring the importance of a well-running and efficient website can cost you new customers as you drive them straight to your rivals.

Outdated Content & Blogs

Websites are great, but you need to have content that attracts customers. Blogs and general web content are important for users interested in your products or company. Not having updated content doesn’t help your online presence since it might give customers a feeling that you are too old for the job. Failing to create meaningful and fresh content to display on your site can harm your online presence.

Ignoring Social Media

Everyone is on social media, and chances are you’ve shared some content on these sites too. As a professional, ignoring social media is a huge mistake that can make you seem inaccessible and unreachable. With more customers using social media sites, they get their information about products from the same sites and share it with their circles. When your organization’s online presence doesn’t include social media, you are crippling your potential severely.

Marketing to Everyone

Building your online presence requires knowing who your target is. Having a specific target ensures that you craft your messages appropriately to match the needs of these segments. Before you even get cracking with your social media posts, identify who you expect to visit your page to identify a direction. Not having an audience in mind can confuse your objectives, making it impossible to reach the most vital customer segments.

Your Online Presence is Your Best Asset

An online presence is a great asset for an individual or business, and growing it is an essential part of an expansion. Whether you are using social media, establishing your website, or writing blogs, know that it’s never too late to start growing your brand. Your online presence sets the tone for how customers and other interested parties see you.

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